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The Culture Report

Culture is forever changing and reflecting what's happening in the society and with its people. As we evolve and time moves forward, so does culture!

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"Traveling Culturati"
People who travel in search of an immersive and cultural experience.

Each Week:

  • Ja'Vonne takes you to a new culture with The Culture Report where you'll discover more about an individual, a place or even an object that's significant to that culture.
  • Ja'Vonne's Travel Minute delivers the latest in travel news and tips for the business and leisure traveler.
  • Fit Travel Tips by Fit Pro, Naledi Sesinyi keeps us fit for travel with tips you can take on the road. 

Recurring Guests:

  • Healthcare professional, author of RNBound and avid traveler Yalanda Comeaux will periodically join Ja'Vonne in the studio with information and tips for "Staying Healthy While You Travel".
  • Fellow travel professional and Pre & Post Travel Tips blogger, Morell Howard provides a deeper dive into travel topics that traveling culturati want to know about with a unique before and after approach.

The Solo Traveler

Join Traveling Culturati and NS Fitness in Napa Valley, June 23 - 27, 2019 for a fitness infused, culturally immersive travel experience.

Enjoy unique fitness activities with Naledi Sesinyi, wine culture with Ja'Vonne Harley, wine tasting, dinner in an estate cave and a lot more. Click here for more information and make your reservation.