WHUR heads to Cuba for its 2017 World Tour. This "People to People" program explores the Afro Cuban history and heritage.

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Be The Best House Guest

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Ja'Vonne Harley

Travel professional and Pre and Post Travel Tips Blogger, Morell Howard tells us how to be the best house guest. Etiquette and graciousness go a long way when someone invites you into their home. Morell's tips help you have an enjoyable and comfortable time in your home away from home and ensure an invitation to return.

All that jazz in South Africa - Jazz comes to Johannesburg. Will also visit Johannesburg, Soweto, Pilanesburg & Capetown!

Heard on H.U.R. Voices, Sirius XM Channel #141 | Saturday's at 11am CT

Encore shows | Monday's at 5pm CT, Wednesday's and Thursday's at 8am CT 

As the 20th Annual Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival approaches, Traveling Culturati is on its way for South African and All That Jazz.