Howard is founder of Video Twist Productions, a full service video production company with an impressive list of broadcast, corporate, cinematic and government agency clients.

A partial list of Howard's credentials:

George Foreman Grill (infomercial); Chicago Police Department (training video); Twisted Locks (short film); HBO Real Sports featuring Bryant Gumbel (TV show); NBC-TV, Los Angeles; ABC-TV, Los Angeles; Fox-TV, Chicago and Windy City Live, a Chicago talk show.

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Executive Producer

Yalanda Comeaux

Recurring Guest Hosts and Contributors

Ja'Vonne Harley



​Naledi is a NBA Cheerleader Captain Alumni Chicago Bulls "LUVABULLS" and currently Experienced Master Personal Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry. 

FitLife Chicago core values: "Preventative health and fitness means people are present, productive, and profitable on the job and in their community” - Naledi Sesinyi, Owner and Trainer FitLife Chicago

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Ja'Vonne Harley is Producer and Host of Traveling Culturati and president of Advantage International, a destination management company. She possesses over 7 years of Broadcasting and over 25 years of experience in Event Management, Marketing and Destination Management.

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Howard V. Little

Morell Howard

Same time, Same place, Every week

The show airs Nationwide on H.U.R. Voices on Sirius/XM Channel 141 at 11 am CT on Saturday's with encores on Mondays at 5pm CT, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8am CT. It's also available worldwide on

Gene possesses 30 + years as a radio executive in sales, marketing, management and NTR.

Co-founder of Advantage International, an event, incentive and specialty group company.

Destination specialist for over 40 countries, cruise lines, hotels and airlines and is certified in Special Events and ISES . His expertise in Radio and Travel has assisted him in developing events, concerts and travel groups all over the world.

​We call him our "Tenzig Norgay".

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Yalanda is a Registered Nurse, aka, a Healthcare Professional with 20+ years experience and 30 years in the health care industry.  She's worked in various capacities in nursing from staff nurse, management, nurse educator and currently works at an academic hospital in the Chicago area.

She enjoys traveling abroad, experimenting with food and wine (she's a foodie), holds a professional cooking certificate, enjoys reading, and watching/playing tennis. 

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Twitter at:  NurseGuide_yc


Traveling Culturati, a one-hour talk radio show about the style and culture of travel.

Formerly, The Traveling Eye, broadcaster and travel pro Ja'Vonne Harley created "Traveling Culturati". In addition to delivering the latest in travel news and tips for the business and leisure traveler with her signature feature "Ja'Vonne's Travel Minute", the show features segments designed to give listeners an immersive experience:

Features include:

  • The Culture Report
    • Ja'Vonne takes you to a new culture each week, where you'll discover more about an individual, a place or even an object that's significant to that culture.
  • Fit Travel Tips by Fit Pro, Naledi Sesinyi
    • Fit Travel Tips are about being fit for travel and staying fit while you travel and see the world.
  • Recurring Guests
    • Do you find it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling? You're not alone. Tune in to hear from healthcare professional and avid traveler Yalanda Comeaux, who will periodically join Ja'Vonne in the studio.
    • Fellow travel professional Morell Howard will also be a frequent guest on the show, providing Pre and Post Travel tips that traveling culturati want to know about​

Naledi Sesinyi

Morell is a Travel Blogger with 10+ years of travel industry experience.

Morell is experienced in international travel, festivals, anniversaries, business meetings, conferences, global sporting events, customized group and FIT tour planning and event planning.

She's also traveled extensively throughout many of the world's tropical destinations. With her vast knowledge and tour planning expertise, she provides "Pre and Post Travel Tips" to remove the stress out of planning and returning home from your next trip. Always "tipping you in the right direction!"
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The Culturati

Gene Harley